The Beloved is a war-torn veteran, who is looking for a new peaceful life far from the battlefield. The war has torn him so much that he became loner, rather paranoid and develops a rare obsession about data…an effect called Combat Fatigue. He try so hard to cure this with a little effect because…..sadly….the war always looking for him

The Beloved is a pacifist; always try to avoid conflict with anyone or anything. If everything can be solved with a diplomatic way, he prefers to do it rather than an open frontal way. He always tried to maintain balance & his neutrality. However, this doesn’t mean he can’t fight…he just don’t want to. The Beloved can be your most truthful friend who will die for you & your cause and The Beloved can be your worst enemy who will make sure you suffer & die smoothly.

Some says The Beloved were frightening. This is due his nature as a shell for something he doesn’t want to reveal. He always says that his purpose of life is to seal something, and he is quite ready to be called back (that how he described death). He also says that he just waiting his visa to be signed.

The Beloved was a family man. He will protect and care his beloved one to the death even beyond it because, for him that is what remains from his belonging. He says we can buy house, we can acquired wealth, we can takeover a nation, but a good happy family is a gift from God and to maintain it is one hell of a job.

The Beloved now were looking for someone who will succeed him.He just wants to pass his knowledge.He himself feel that he is growing too old and need to settle down continuing life as it is.His days are now counted although he never knows when it ends.

The Beloved was a commando unit,able to work alone on any multiple tasks without the help of others.The world has taught him to grow up like that, to trust no one,to be always perfectionist,to set a high standard in everything,and to maintain “I can do it by myself” kind of attitude.Sadly,all of his ability comes with a terrible price, his lack of social and interpersonal skill.He like to be alone and stay in the shadow,watching people passing by.He keep his grief, pain and suffering to himself Nobody know what happened to him until suddenly they see him lying on a hospital bed, with a bloody arms and said “I’m okay,never been to better than this” or until suddenly he collapse in a bench with a pain in his face but he keep smiling & said “don’t worry,just an error in my system,it’ll better soon”.

The Beloved lack of social and interpersonal skill cost him greatly in many social situations.That’s why he spend most of his time alone in a solitary place.He decided to be alone not because he hate people,but because he not used to people or to life inside a group.He always had been an outsider for most of his life until now.He live alone and he die alone.People for him is a new experience.

The Beloved's wars were far from over although most of the people said that the war for his generation is already over.He himself was also tired from this war but sadly,he can’t quit now because he still has mission to do as a sweeper for his generation.And he just want to atone from his past sin,that maybe there is a salvation out there for his soul

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Toward so many door, we find our way, our self, our home........toward so many thing we find our place, our way here in the world

Life is just a way, a way toward some place, toward some time, toward some mission........and finally toward our home

Toward the path, we faces what we have to face.........we can't run away from it, we can't hide from it.........when the time comes


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    Monday, March 26, 2007
    Celebrating 4 year of war in Iraq & 6 year of war against terrorism)

    It has been 4 year of war and chaos in Iraq beginning from American invasion until this day and the escalating conflict were far from end. What we see today in Iraq is not a stable country with a great culture, civilized, democratic and of course, healthy nation just as the promise of America after "Operation Iraqi Freedom" but a scorched, battered, and ruined nation filled with terror, pain and death.


    What goes wrong? Do the tactics wrong? Do the policies wrong? Does the situation & circumstance go wrong?


    According to the data of military technology, The American with its hi-tech weaponry and manpower, just need approximately couple of days and as long as a couple months to secure the area, clean the mess, rebuild the rest and extract from there. However, the reality as you can see now is The U.S Troop are stuck in there without even know when the hostility end or will end. Although President George.W.Bush are asking the Congress to give more and more fund & manpower to be sent down to make sure the peace will come at last in Iraq, many people doubt it will end. Many more believe that it will never end as long as America forces still there. Many of people in the whole world even in America criticized President Bush decisions. Celebrating these 4 years of war, people rallying themselves on a demonstration against war in Iraq and ask America to pull their troops out of Iraq.


    For me, this series of even was a wonderful even…..why? Because it's the first military blunder America has made in the 21st century. It is also the example of the failure of a military strategy up into the basic level. Pardon me; I am not a general or even a military practitioner; I just a commoner who happened to love military strategy books and military history so much; and as a commoner, I just gave my opinion just as other commoner would gave, plain and simple. For detail opinion or in-depth opinion about it… I gave it to military academy graduate or other expert on the field, because they have the requirement needed to make it.


    If you ask me why I consider it a fatally failure campaign, here the deal.


    First, the U.S Forces has lost their initiative, they took too long to secure the area more than their timetable ever predicted. This overscheduled time proves very fatal to the rest of the campaign because overtime need additional fund, manpower, ammo, and don't forget casualty because most of the casualties in this campaign comes from the overtime. If you think the area were already secured when President Bush announce that the major battle were over and won, for me the area is secure IF AND ONLY IF the hostility ceased to existed and there is no more hostile forces ever present in the area…a total, complete and maximum area control. The overtime also increase population dissent inside and outside that area, this is showed by the increasing of chaos inside Iraq and increasing of protest on the whole world against American invasion toward Iraq. Eventually, this dissent will spark open hostility toward America or American and the new wave of terrorism appear. The so-called terrorist itself were far from defeat on this campaign, they just had a major drawback on their plan but so far I believe they still well alive and still can wreak havoc on Iraq or anywhere against America.


    Second, the longer the campaign, the more complicated the issue that present. In the first days or months of the campaign, maybe you just have to deal with maintaining peace issue, security issue, and fixing the damage issue. However, after 4 year, you have to deal with a more complicated issue such as economic inflation, poverty, health problem epidemic, mass hysteria, chaos, terror attack, starvation, separatist movement, and all because of the invasion. More complicated problem need a more specialized manpower, much more fund, and of course more complicated advance plan. For example, we need a Medical Personnel to cure certain Health Problem, not a Military Personnel and we need a Negotiator or Mediator with psychologist, sociologist and anthropologist quality or at least somebody who know the people and the place to reduce mass hysteria, chaos, or separatist movement in the area. The U.S troops certainly not ready to deal with this and thus kind of specific field. Okay, we know they do have their multi-tasking multi-role kind of ability, but to deal with a very specific and complicated issue were not their specialty. You need the right person on the right time for the right job.


    Third and final, now it is almost 6 year after the 9/11 and America has open two unfinished campaign in Afghanistan & Iraq (and i just learned that they also trying to open another campaign in Iran as well. Why I called unfinished, because most of the U.S troops still try to maintain peace there without even know when it would end. Okay, we can say that the Afghanistan campaign is almost over with reduces of chaos and hostilities but the impact from this campaign were far from over.  It will be a big bullshit if the impact were not felt on the country was the campaign happened. It will be a bigger bullshit if the impact were not even felt on America. Sooner or later, smaller or bigger, the impact will be feel by America, American Soil or Americans wherever the were, and when that happens, the victory from the campaign will be covered by the defeat from the impact. For the start, the social life in America were turning toward worst side rather than better side with a false prejudice against Islam, Moslem, Arabs, or Major Islamic Country people, insecurity, gap generation lost because of war, and increase of national dissent that can spark more major problem. Not to mention the increasing of hatred toward America and Americans from other scapegoat country or community they condemned. Adding it toward the impact and you got everyone ready to stab you in your back, waiting to found a right moment for the beginning of your end.


    I know it not my right to say this because I really know that revenge toward 9/11 is a must for America, but ancient saying said that "let not your anger consume you, lest it would lead you to your doom". Sun Tzu also says that wage a war IF and ONLY IF you really know your capability, you really know your enemies capability, you know your terrain, and you really know you will win for real, and above all, you know you can win for real without sending your troops or unleash your weapon.


    I hope everyone especially me can study from this case so we can be more patient to preserve & maintain peace in our little world.


    "Patient is Virtue"

    Posted at 3/26/2007 12:10:25 pm by The Beloved Lucifiel

    Moncler Weste
    April 10, 2012   05:57 PM PDT
    Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I learn a lot, thank you! Wish you make a further progress in the future.,459915,

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