Entry: some funny thing i found about fasted Thursday, October 27, 2005

There is something that makes me laugh, cry, and also confuse on the same time this morning, something truly amazing that maybe I will remember for most of my days to comes.

I was sitting in front of my computer, playing (of course)……I happen to play Simcity 4 when suddenly I heard noise coming from the front of my house. That noise was a call from the mosque near my house, and its break the silence with it’s awfully distortion coming from a bad speaker…… Usually I ignored them, and let them mingle with their own business……but this time; there is something different about it. Something truly deserves some attention.

The people on the mosque keep calling people (with its badly damage and hampered speaker) to prepare sahur meal (sahur is the event everyday to prepare and eat the meal before you go to begin your fast). It keep calling people, over and over again…..reminding them to remember sahur, remember that this is Ramadhan Month, a holy month, a month full of grace that your sin will be cut in a half if you do good, etc, etc, etc

Then some questions arise in my mind;

First, why they called that this Ramadhan is a holy month? Are other month are not holy? Why this month is holy? What make this month holy? Are this month is God? Because all I know only God deserve the title holy or sacred……….

Second, they keep calling that because this is a holy month, a month full of grace that your sin will be cut in a half if you do good……so why I have to follow the religion law and do good for the whole years if I only get my sin cut and forgiven only in this month?… better do good ONLY and ONLY in this month, because all my sin a whole years will be wipe out in this month……………so why don’t we kill people, stab them in their back, destroy some nation, rape some women, etc, etc, etc for a whole years do bad thing……..and by only give our zakat, do good, and fasted IN THIS MONTH,…….hola!!!! We got all our sin a whole years vanishes and forgiven……is that nice? 11 month we doing sin all the way, and this Ramadhan Month, we were forgiven because we do good, fasted, and give our zakat……….that’s not nice, that’s WONDERFULL!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY WONDERFULL!!!!!

Third, they keep calling people, women, man, student, father, mother, etc, etc, etc to prepare the sahur meal, sahur, keep remembering them this is a fast month…….then I remember that some Kyai, Ustadz, and other powerful religion figure (kyai and ustadz were a religion teacher) always praised Indonesia as the biggest Islamic dominated majority nation, and also the most steadfast to with its faith regarding Islam and its ritual…….so if they were so steadfast with it, why they have to be awakened up? Why they have to be remembered that this month is a fast month? Why? They were a steadfast Moslem…….they supposedly already know that this is a holy month of Ramadhan, they don’t need to be awakened or remembered because they supposedly already know their duty in Ramadhan month…….only a child, a not steadfast people need to be remembered every days about their duty………………so are the Indonesian were a child? Or is because they were sooooooooooooooooooooo steadfast they forgot that this is a Ramadhan month and forgot their duty? Or maybe Indonesian not know why they have to fast So here come some conclusion of it……………..If Indonesian as the acclaimed most steadfast and religious people have to be awakened from their sleep to begin their daily fast ritual, then how about the other people that not as steadfast as Indonesian is?

Observer out (still with question in his mind of course)


fERDI:) aka. Lemi4
October 31, 2005   02:05 AM PST
(since you asked...)

I'm not that up-to-date with Muslim Theology, but my understanding is that the Pahala system is not as simple as purging all our mistakes during Ramadan (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). BUT... there are actually some members of Indonesian society who actually believe that. Just as there are people who believe that going to the little confessional booth clears up all the beef that one's God may have with oneself. But we're not here to answer these questions (not unless you're a social anthropologist, that is :p)

People love wearing masks. Wether or not they have anything to hide. But then again we already know all that.

Observation is good. Data gathering is good. But what is more important is the proper handling and usage of data. It would not be wise to expend energy on futile efforts, when energy in combination (read: in cooperation _with_others_) could achieve more...

Humans are humans. We are not perfect. But if we wanna be better persons we can; _if_ we want it bad enough. And IMHO its much harder without God on your side (and to those who disagree, read the beginning of my sentence: In My Honest Opinion!). Friends are usefull, too.

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