Entry: Death to all Monday, March 26, 2007

Many human says, “Life is cheap, easy as it goes….but in truth, I think death is cheap. If we want to think about it, to bring life or to maintain, keeping or obtain life is tougher that its look. It took thousand and thousand of anything we have to keep something living, alive well being. For an instance, we have to had electricity if we want to keep our home lamp bright, we need some battery to keep our MP3 Player function properly, we even need fuel and dynamo to keep our car working properly……… so much for it every time and every hour of our life fighting for living. Health insurance, car insurance and many thing we spend just to make sure our life secure……. To make sure we are living prosperously happily ever after.


Death in other hand was different. The word death itself was an enemy to most of our ear. It is strictly forbidden, perilous, and scary word to say, they even can make people think you are insane if you keep repeating that word and say that you love it so much. One thing for sure is death is cheaper than life. You do not need special occasion to taste death; you do not even need an expense to get it. There too many ways to taste death, many more ways to get it and can happen in any time, anywhere to anyone.


If we want to think about it, death can be happen through anything. We can be dead via old ages, accident, killed, or suicide. The method of how to be death and the instrument of death expanded into some knowledge to us, human. It is amazing that the human even think to make a beautiful & glorious death ever happen to them, even developed many thing that can make a certain death for sure.


So just like Agatha Christie’s Novel, we can achieve death by so many ways, from car accident, motor accident, cut by sword, gunshot, bomb explosions, cyanide, mustard gas, bio-chemical gas, nuclear attack and even by stepping on a banana peels…….. and then we realize that death are more cheaper than we ever think.




What do you think?

Are you ready if the time comes to face the death? Are you started to enjoy the harsh of your life, realizing that death is just a millimeter away for your life? Are you started to think death is a release from all your hardship and you thinking to suicide? Do you afraid of death because you realize how powerless you are in front of it? or you afraid because you don’t know were you going after it……….


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