Entry: Radicalism that lead to terrorism…a boomerang to Islam? Monday, March 26, 2007

Lately when I saw the news, I saw jilbab and a couple of Moslem attribute were banned in some country. To my surprise, many of the country who banned Moslem attribute where a democratic based country, even democratic theory establish country such as France and England were freedom of opinion were uphold by the law. Does something happen? Because I recognize this country had a great tolerance toward many religion and freedom of opinion…and suddenly, they became strict toward one religion called Islam. Then I realize these phenomena started when the terrorism cases rise to the surface especially since 9/11 and Bali Bombing that create a massive shock throughout the world as we know it. Suddenly, the rather peace, tolerant and democratic country in Europe where transformed into red alert fortress nation.


Do they have right to do it? I say, yes, they do have that right especially to protect their country, their people, their identity, and themselves from this kind of unfamiliar treat called terrorism. Do we have a right to protest when one of the religion attribute were banned in their country? I also say yes, we do have the right to protest because if you are talking about religion you are talking about personal faith. However, unknown to us, the impact were far more than we ever know.


I believe they banned the attribute not because they do not like that attribute but because they are afraid, afraid that the attribute were the sign of radicalism that will turn into terrorism.


Why do they have to afraid because a simple attribute like jilbab or anything of that sort?


Because most of the people in the radical fanatical Islamic movement were using that attribute as a sign of themselves, their superior quality above anything, their steadfast faith above anything and their goal of how human must act only and only by their religion rule without even think that there is so many different race, gender, religion and personal thinking of human race.


Do those radical Islamic movements wrong? I do not want to make a comment because they get mad of me if I say they are wrong besides their always view themselves as the rightist and holiest movement in the world as other radical fanatical movement would do. And above all, they are damned stone-headed stubbornness always made me amaze that I think I prefer not to comment about anything in front of them


Nevertheless, to me, this kind of movement make things worst, not better. Okay, if I want to think about it, I know their idealistic utopist goal were quiet good, even great in this still-not-a-peace world. To created a world of peace and harmony in God’s law were definitely a great idea because if that happen, there will be a prosperous era. However, the methods of the realization were far from God’s ways. By pressing and subjugated people to follow our ways of thinking, our religion as the most right, the most holy of all with any kind of ways, were not written in any of known religion today even Islam. If they say that, it is written on the prophet Muhammad sunnah I believe there are some mistake interpretation here because all I know there are not religion in the world legalized that kind of action not even Islam. All I know, Islam were a peace-based religion, not a barbaristic, sadistic, war-based religion that terrorized people.


To tell the truth, not only non-Moslem feel insecure, most of the Moslem were also threatened as well. Some of my friend who is not on the radical side but wearing jilbab “because they feel they are called by their own faith to wear it” said that it is hard for them to travel to many countries now especially country that had been targeted by radical fanatical movement to study when the government knows that they were Islam. Many of them whom already have a nice scholarship in that country, thinking to use it to make a better day for their country and environment but got difficulties with the authority just because they are Moslem and wearing jilbab. Many of my friends in America say that they got quiet bad prejudice just because they were a Moslem, because most of the American associates Moslem with the hijackers of 9/11. It’s that all? Nope, those bad lists continue to grow as the world still cursing Taliban regime for the destruction of great quantity and quality of archaeological artifact because it is not Islamic as they know it.


My father said that the recent uprising toward Islam were an impact of dishonesty on the imam, ustadz, kyai, or ulama because they are using the interpretation of The Quran for their own personal benefit. He said that if Mohammad the prophet were a Javanese, and the revelation from God about Islam came to a Javanese man, The Quran will be written in Javanese letters in Javanese language. In addition, if its comes to Urdu or Bushman people, The Quran will be written on Urdu or Bushman language. My father point is no matter were, when or to whom it comes, the most important things is what actual message its carry. God is limitless and cannot even measure by anything, but the message comes in human language and human were given mind by God to interpret it base on every human circumstance.  God itself gave flexibility in Its message to correspond to every human present situation available, God never complain about the human interpretation as long as human understand the real meaning of that message was. If human understand it fully, God will came and lean side-by-side the human toward its goal.


From many example, I can conclude that radicalism and fanatical toward something can make things worst and far from better. If that something we are using just for ourselves, the impact maybe were good only for ourselves but the impact were not always good for other. As we see now, the radical fanatical movement has become a boomerang to Islam. They are not making Islam better but make Islam worst than ever because now Islam were associated and often related with terrorism, chaos, human right abuse, poverty and war ultimately brought a complete decline on Islamic civilization. It is a very unfortunate because Islam as I know and many non-radical-fanatical Moslem know is a religion with a great compassion & tolerance toward diversity, toward other religion, and upholds human right down to its core. The Great Salahuddin-al-Ayubbi or Saladin were known toward his enemies as a compassionate & chivalric man who is very steadfast to his religion teaching and practice it toward anyone even his enemies. Harun-al-Rasyid were one of the Caliph who is using himself as an example of his religion teaching and maintain justice because an amazement toward his religion from other. Kublai Khan were one of the great Chinese Emperor who is said to be Moslem, practice Islamic teaching on his personal life  and becoming a great example toward his subordinate so his subordinate were very loyal to him even though their religion were different.


The key is not forcing people to follow you and your method in religion but be an example and let the light & grace of God came out from your daily life everyday. Even if the radicals finally achieved their goal with their method and make everyone bow to them, what they felt were not peace from obeying God but peace from fear against the radicals. That what happens on Afghanistan when the Taliban regime rule the country, the people has lost their culture, their education and their personal life. That will happen on any other place were the radical & fanatical movement grew strong.


I am writing this not because I hate that radical fanatical movement or people who is joining them. I am writing this not to mock their belief, their method or their faith. I wrote this just because I hate when someone personal belief were forcing to enter into our social life, our authority, our law, our daily life, our policies, our political issue, our economical issue, and any aspect of interaction and life apart from their own personal life. For me what is personal is personal, we can only shared it or give it as a suggestion toward others not forcing them to do it because in many kind, my cases were different from your case, my life were different from your life, my experience were different from your experience and even my personality were different from yours. Every human has its own unique things that differ itself from other and make them “human” as we call it now. We cannot force human to become one single entity with only using my or your single mind.


Last of it, the question arise…can we became one single human race with so much differences between us? I believe we can, because we can be unite in diversity as long as we realize we are all human equal in front of God Or we are all human with many unique aspect and every aspect we have can be use to help each other for the sake of humanity. After all, we human are “one winged angel” and we have to depend on each other so we can fly.


We have to thanks that we are still human…


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