Entry: A Very – Very Weird Reflection : 2nd Case Friday, June 15, 2007

Still on Saturday, when I escort my mother to a funeral preparation, I noticed a couple of big banner near my house, a very big and exciting banner from my perception. The big banner told about some kind of community, saying things about “Majlis Taraweh & Dzikir” led by a Habib or something (Habib is some kind a word for leader of assembly in Islam…..that word were new to me, supposedly coming from Middle East Islam like Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Iran) whose name were Arabs like Umar al-Habib or something. Then another thing came right through my head about the name. I recall, most of the fanatical organization in Indonesia were led by people with an Arabic name, such as Djafar Umar Thalib from the infamous Laskar Jihad, or Habib Riziq Shihab from the infamous Front Pembela Islam and of course not forget to mention Abu Bakar Basyir who’s become a prime suspect for leading the infamous terrorists organization Jamaah Islamiyah who’s responsible for Bali Bombing & J.W.Merriot Bombing (not to mention Christmas Bombing)


Okay, I’m here not to wrote those name, those organization, or those rather exciting fanatical things who trying to make Indonesia to become like Taliban, but to talks about names…..Arabic Name.


As I once remember, people from many country name their kid with name that resemble their identity, heritage and country although nowadays most people in the city prefer to mix-and-match those names.


For example, Javanese will name its boy like this; Raden Mas Gatotkaca Antarejo Brawijoyo Joyonegoro Sudwikatmono, or its girl like this; Raden Ajeng Mahardika Kusumawardhani Tribuwana Tungghadewi (notice the name?). So goes with Balinese ; I Gede Made Ktut Jelantik, or Batak people; Otto Barito Paringotan Manurung. The same things go on in scoop of nation like Chinese; Xi Zhou Yu, or Japanese like; Takeshi Kanimura……..or even Israelites like; Yehuda Yehezkiel and Germany like; Karl Otto von Runsendt.


The example for mix-and-match in Indonesia is like Jupiter Marijan Kartosuwiryo or Isabella Casablanca Barito Sibutar-Butar…and don’t forget, Christians have their baptism names


The point is, most of the name show where you came from, what your identity is, where do you belong to, and what do you descended from. Therefore, if the name was Jafar Al-Habib Al Kubaishyi so we will assume you are from Middle East or have a Middle East Descent or Arab specifically.


Then the question is why they are labeled as a natives Indonesia when the 1998 May Riot happened? When the riot happened, there is this case of Natives and Non-Natives or “Pribumi” and “Non - Pribumi”, and a tension between them. The so called Natives or Pribumi were people from Malay ethnic or people from Indonesian descent; the Non – Natives or “Non – Pribumi” were people with non – Indonesia descent. But lately, the so called “Non – Natives” or “Non – Pribumi” definition were labeled only & only to people with Chinese descent, like intended to have a legalization to wipe them out, pillage them, rape them and burn them…(that justification happened on the riot….and until now, nobody says something about it or even a regret)…….


And the question remain


The Arabian descents were NOT natives if we want to classify them. They don’t even sound like one of it, if you get from their names like Jafar Al-Habib Al Kubaisyi. The Chinese descent is more natives than them in the term of names because they use names like Budiman Tjanuwidjaja or Benyamin Santoso. The differences between them is their religion were Jafar Al-Habib Al Kubaisyi was identical with Moslem, Budiman Tjanuwidjaja and Benyamin Santoso were identical with Christians or Buddhist. And for fanatical Moslem, anything that not Moslem were “Kafir” or dirty or tainted that need to be cleanse with anything even with violent way. And the story goes…..


I’m wrote this not to mock or because I hate Moslem because I have family & friend that are Moslem……and they are very dear to me…

I wrote this for the sake of humanity…because I hate to admit that most people judge something just from its cover. They say people were good just because that people have a very good and beautiful Islamic Arabian Names, or because that people came from Islamic Arabian Country. They forget that names, religion, and country doesn’t decide if that person is good or bad. As far as I know, most of those people that make chaos everywhere in Indonesia have a good beautiful Islamic Arabian name like Abu Dujana, Hambali, Djafar Umar Thalib, Habib Riziq Shihab, Amrozy, and Abu Bakar Basyir.


Why I mention them as a chaos maker? Because they always make a front page news in a bad way.


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