Entry: A Very – Very Weird Reflection : 3rd Case Friday, June 15, 2007

On the Sunday evening 10th May 2007, I saw a news in television about a demonstration in Jakarta ( I happen to be in Semarang that day ), a big demonstration with a very big mass. The demonstration were rallied by Prosperous Justice Party ( or Partai Keadilan Sejahtera ), and they make a very big statement in Monas asking for the Independence of Palestine and for the destruction & damnation of Israelites nation + Jews ( that the conclusion I have…and they also said it explicitly ).


Then a big question came out on my head.


Indonesia still one of the poorest & corrupted nation in the world, with its low GNP, its great gap between the rich and the poor, its never-ending disaster, its mixes of Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcano Eruption & Hot Mud, its clash between people with people, its conflict region, its Human Right problem, its unsolved traumatic case, its terrorism case, and so on, and so on, and so on


……….and suddenly, this party and its very big (thousand of people present on that demonstration) follower are asking for the independence of Palestine?....don’t tell me they are ready to fight there as a volunteer…..just like in Afghanistan  or Iraq……


I don’t know what to say…….


Indonesia still its darkest hour and they are urging for the independence of Palestine??


I can’t say anything at all……I can’t even say they are fool….or wise….or in-between…..because…….Indonesia still in a deep hole and they are urging for the Independence of Palestine …..


Man…….that’s something…..


Okay….apart from thinking about the well - being of Indonesia, they prefer to think about the independence of Palestine. Apart from thinking about how to repair and restore Indonesia at least to the point of equal prosperity, they prefer to think about Palestine’s freedom..


….so are they Palestinian?.... nope, of course not, they are Indonesian.


But why we…..Indonesian have to think about Palestine’s independence when Indonesia still in its darkest hour? Why we…. Indonesia have to think about Palestine’s independence when Indonesia still in ruin?


Why don’t we think about our well – being first rather than others well – being, specially Palestine

…….besides, if we think about the brotherhood of Moslem nation, there is some wealthy Islamic nation such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Jordania that very – very prosperous with a high GNP, billion dollar from oil trade, and their leader have many mansion in every side of the world…..they can help for the independence of Palestine can they?


Even if we succeeded to send our reinforcement to free Palestine from Israel, what did we get? Are we got something?


As far as I know, when Indonesia is in trouble because Aceh Tsunami Disaster on December 2004, the first helping hand and volunteer that came are NOT from any Islamic country or Islamic nation in Indonesia and the world……even from those so called party……but from what those they labeled as infidel, kafir, dirty, and enemy…..


Yep……, the first helping hand and volunteer that arrive on the first day after the disaster came from Jewish and Christian Charity Organization….and still today donate to make Aceh restored again and Aceh people prosperous…


The second helping hand and volunteer that arrive on the very first week came from still not from Islamic country but from country such as China & Russia ( a communist country ), Japan, and European country…….and of course America with it USS Abraham Lincoln that carry enough equipment to distribute logistic & evacuate many refugees


Then….where is the Islamic Nation? Do they help?.....as far as I know, they only sent a message, telling the government & people of Indonesia to stay calm, to keep their courage so they can prevail this disaster

Are the Islamic nation sending help?.....I can’t see anyone on the field, specially those Palestinian or Arabs, but I do see some Israelites carrying a rotten corpse of a tsunami victim.


The same goes also inside the country….


The first helping hand and volunteer from inside the country came from Non-Moslem Charity Organization, such as Christians, Hindu and Buddhist organization. And I hate to admit I saw most of them pray before the carrying the corpses of tsunami victim….and they prevailed to work for more than a month clean up that mess


……..do I see some of those party or fanatical Islamic organizations in the field? I do saw them….but they are stun immobilized to see the tsunami impact….and finally need to be send home rather than became a burden in the disaster area. Most of them doesn’t even stand a week …..save for a month or so. Most of them became a burden, not equipped properly for the situation, not mentally ready to see such an impact, not trained properly to handle that kind of situation, and doesn’t even know what to do…. They end up inside a plane becoming refugees itself, or in a hospital receiving treatment for a severe traumatic syndrome.


The fanatical Islamic organization and those party itself?....don’t ask me….I know nothing about it…..and I don’t want to think about it……


But, I do know one thing…… that a good metallic drum have a great sound


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